I wasn't a huge fan of "Blue Jasmine" but Cate Blanchete was phenomenal, and I agree she totally deserves to win.

I'm kind of pulling for a surprise win by June Squibb for best supporting actress. She is such a firecracker in "Nebraska", and is totally the highlight of the movie. But I'd be just as happy with Jennifer Lawrence. I adore Sally Hawkins, and I hope she'll get the chance to be nominated again some day, but she's a long shot.

Matthew Mccounaghey was great in Dallas Buyers Club, and I expect he'll win, but I honestly think Leo deserves it more, not just because I think he was better in Wolf, but he has such an impressive filmography and has given so many Oscar worthy performances I can't believe he hasn't won already, and has only been nominated 4 times in 20 years! Jared Leto should get supporting actor though.