I get to go to this really cool music event on Sunday night as part of my internship, going to get to shmooze with some pretty big names in the music scene around here.

So I was asking my boss what to wear... these are the tidbits I gathered from our conversation about it lol:

-People "dress up" because it's at a pretty fancy place, but not in the usual way because it's kind of "rock and roll" (That was the response when I asked if I should wear a cocktail-type dress, and she basically said no/probably not lol)
-She is wearing a skirt with boots and a cute top
-Some people wear nice pants/jeans with heels
-"Dress like you're going clubbing but not slutty"


So now I'm in a tizzy trying to decide what to wear lol. Normally I wouldn't care as much, but since I'm representing the company I intern at, I don't want to look like a slob, a slut, or too fancy. Thankfully there's another intern that's a girl my age so I have a feeling we're going to be texting a LOT about this.

Any suggestions?