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Thread: Rolling Stone: "I Wanna Go" Number One Summer Song

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    Rolling Stone: "I Wanna Go" Number One Summer Song

    It may not officially be fall until September 23rd, but by our count, summer is over. It was a time of crappy blockbuster sequels, massive U2 stadium concerts, Michele Bachmann’s rise (and fall) as a serious presidential candidate, and earthquakes and hurricanes that seemed to foretell a coming apocalypse. Somehow we survived it all and now can look back with instant nostalgia. We asked you to vote for your favorite songs of the summer and here are the results.
    This contest wasn’t even close. Britney won by a landslide, which shouldn’t come as any surprise. The woman works with the most successful pop songwriters in the industry. This track was co-written by Swedish songwriting legend Max Martin – the man behind everything from “Since U Been Gone” to “I Want It That Way” to Britney’s first hit “…Baby One More Time.” He’s a 40-year-old Swedish guy, but he knows exactly what American teenage girls want to blast in their cars. The video for “I Wanna Go” starts with Britney giving a press conference, which is hysterical because she’s one of the least media-accessible singers in the world. It’s easier to get a sit-down with Bob Dylan than it is with Britney.

    Thanks so much Dave!!!!

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    Lol... cool... I think IWG lost to "Lighters" on MTV's song of the summer poll.

    Thank you to BRITTANY from c-u.org

    ^It's for a contest... click??

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