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Thread: Britney's Cosmic Radiance Interview

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    Britney's Cosmic Radiance Interview

    How did you get into shape before going on tour?
    I got a lot of exercise from rehearsals Ė I danced 6 hours a day Ė but I also trained really hard to prepare my body for the tour. I ate really clean and healthy. Dieting is definitely the hardest part! I work with a trainer 6 days a week and sometimes I workout after I perform because I have so much adrenaline.
    What do you enjoy most about being on tour?
    I love the energy and excitement of my fans, and I really love to perform. My dancers and I say a prayer every night before we go on stage, I kiss my boys and Jason and then I get into position. It makes me so happy to be able to connect with my fans every night.
    Are you looking forward to your European leg?
    I am! I love Europe. I am also very excited to be touring in South America now as well. I havenít been there in years and I canít wait to see all my South American fans!
    What was the inspiration behind COSMIC radiance?
    COSMIC Radiance is very feminine and girly. Itís sweet and citrusy with a hint of my favorite scent- night blooming jasmine. Itís a tribute to bold and empowered, confident, fun and flirty women. Iím really into strong women and empowerment right now.
    What makes COSMIC radiance different from Radiance?
    They are very similar in the fact that they are both fruity scents. Radiance is more of a berry scent and Cosmic Radiance has a citrus scent. It has been about 6 months now that I have been working with Elizabeth Arden on Cosmic Radiance. I am excited to see what my fans think of it.
    What was the best part about creating your own fragrances?
    Creating fragrances is another way I get to express myself. I have learned a lot about distinguishing different types of scents, mixing, matching and pairing to make something unique. Itís really fun!
    Who is your beauty icon?
    Audrey Hepburn. She defines what a truly beautiful and classy woman is.
    What is your top beauty tip?
    Beauty is really all about having the power and confidence to be yourself. Beauty comes from within.
    You have a milestone birthday approaching Ė how do you feel about it?
    Age ainít nothing but a number!

    Thanks so much Dave!!!!

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    Citrus? Blurgh, don't think I'll like this one.

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