Does anyone else have a Zune?

I have a 120GB one and I really like it. It was only $250 when I got it in September of 2008 I think it was, which is sooo much cheaper than any ipod with comparable features. Pictures and videos are really good on it since its screen is so big, and the radio tuner works really well too.

Well... I suddenly have *MAJOR* issues with it. When I turned it on, on my flight to Nashville last Monday, it was freezing and stalling, and like I would skip to the next song but it would take 15-20 seconds to change to that song and the picture would still be of the previous song, etc. And now it's even worse. I didn't notice it on the plane, but while showing my dad the issue, I held it to my ear and you can HEAR the harddrive freaking out inside, it's so loud and you can tell something is messed up.

At first I thought that maybe the airport security stuff could have messed it up or something, but apparently that can't happen.

Ughhh, I'm so bummed. My dad thinks it might just be fried. It's definitely some major internal issue. I don't know if it's worth trying to fix if it will cost a lot.

Does anyone have and like any of the newer Zunes?? The Zune HD was about to come out when I got mine, that looked pretty cool. I think I'm going to have to start doing research on a potential new one . To top it off, I dropped my nice Canon camera I just got for Christmas from only about 2 feet off the ground and it has no external damage but it won't turn on!