I've been having this issue with a friend, and I really hope you can help me with it. There's this guy I met online a few years ago, his name is Anton. I met him on a Square One TV message board. I wanted to get in touch with him because I heard he had some old episodes of Sesame Street on tape, made from TV years ago. I have been collecting old Sesame Street episodes for years. We exchanged copies of our episodes a few times, and it went well. But one time, in the summer of 2005, he sent me some VHS copies that didn't come out good, and I thought he could have done a better job. I asked him to re-dub them, which he did, still no luck. I then realized that it wasn't gonna do any good to ask him anymore, because it was probably the best he could do.

So then I had this idea that I could actually borrow the tapes from him, since I have good recording equipment. That is, I would borrow his tapes, make copies for myself, and then send him back his original tapes. I told him that idea, and he really didn't feel comfortable with it, because he was worried the tapes would get damaged. I tried telling him that I've sent VHS tapes in the mail many times, and nothing bad happened to them, and that they would be fine. So I basically "talked him into doing it," and he did. It took a lot longer for his tapes to get here than I thought, which got both of us worried. But I got the tapes, and they arrived safe and sound. I made copies as soon as I could, and then I sent him back his originals. But then I took too long to send him what he had requested from me. Eventually I did send him everything, and I thought everything was fine.

It used to be that I didn't really know much about him, but then he became my Facebook friend, and so I got to know him a little deeper. It turns out, he's like me in a lot of ways. I'm not sure how much you know about autism, but I think he has it just like me. I think he's a really cool guy, and I think that we could be compatible as friends beyond just trading episodes. I thought he was over it, but he brought it up last night, and it seemed like he was upset about it all over again. But here's the thing: One of my issues is that sometimes if I want something I can't have, I'll have a habit of digging in my heels in order to get it. It has been one of my issues for my whole life, and I have only recently begun to realize it. And if I were to trade with him now, I would NOT ask him to redo the tapes if I wasn't happy with the quality, since I know him a lot better now, and I can understand the everyday struggles we go through. I tried telling him that I am very deeply sorry for what I put him through, but he doesn't sound very forgiving at all.

So, the reason why I'm messaging you is because you seem like the kind of person who would have some helpful advice. I'm very sorry if this is too much; as sometimes I can do inappropriate things and I don't always know it. But I really hope we can still be friends. I hope you understand and have some advice.