Okay. I have been having MAJOR problems with my linksys N router the last couple of weeks!

Ill be connected (wirelessly) fine..then all of a sudden it will discounted and wont recounted unless i restart or unplug my router and replug it back in..

then today my mom told me that she has also been having problems on her laptop..

then when i checked my computer it gave me a "Network Error' that said 'Another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer.'

but idk how to fix this! Im assuming it must be my moms laptop that is using the same one because other then that we just have a desktop thats wired...

i think the problems got worse when I hooked up her laptop to the network but i just did what it told me to do... so confused!!

anyone???? help... i need my laptop back this desktop is so slow