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Mainly the last bit is pretty much all true, the rest is just me giving him credit for being upfront that he's gonna be as disposable (if not moreso) than any other shitty rapper out there. He's not kidding himself into thinking he's some amazing rapper/musician/artist...which frankly I don't think ANYONE sees him as...so why not give the guy some props for acknowledging what a waste of an attempt this is gonna be.

And then this:

I find to be one of the most truthful ways of describing current commercial rap music, regardless of what kind of an idiot came up with it.
I agree. At first I thought you were agreeing about his views on music as a whole! If so then I'd disagree, but I get what you're saying.

But yeah, I don't like to wish failure, but he's nothing else but a JOKE. I can't wait to see him fail epically. There's no way someone that douchey is human. Heidi atleast to me doesn't seem like a complete joke for the most part...I don't know what she sees in him.