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Rules of The Fresh Zone

Thank you for reading these rules, and subsequently making this a better place for every member.

Posting Guidelines

- When sharing news stories & photographs please remember to credit the source at the bottom of your post. The news outlet deserves credit for their information.

- Please keep posts relevant to the issue in hand. Make sure your post is worth while and relevant to the conversation. Joining the forum to solicit your wares is also not allowed and is considered spamming.

- TFZ is not a hate forum continual negative/abusive posts in threads about singers or celebrities will be regarded as trying to start a flame war and as such is grounds for a warning.

- Please check this thread to learn how to obtain points & where to spend them.

- Please keep all things that would be borderline explicit in the XXXplicit section.

- You're only allowed one username, if you're found to have more than one username - action will be taken in the form of a warning and deleting of multiple usernames.

- If you continue to make usernames then your usernames & IP will be banned.

- If you have forgotten your password don't make a new account - contact the staff through the contact link.

Bannings & Conduct that is not allowed

- Bannings are not imposed, unless they truly need to be.

- For every instance that gets reported by another member, or that a member of the staff views as abusive, or inappropriate, the user will receive a warning.

- On the third warning the member will be banned for 30-90 days (admin and mods can determine the length). After the period is up the member is allowed to come back to the forums with a zero tolerance policy. If the user acts up again they will be banned permanently.

- Abusing someone's lifestyle such as identity, gender, sexuality, race, etc will not be tolerated - by all means though feel fine to question and debate such issues but abuse regarding such sensitive matters will not be tolerated.

- Abuse is considered to be explicit malicious posts, images or attitudes against any member of the forum. If any member feels they are being abused by any user that they contact a member of the staff to help address the problem, or use the report feature and an email will be sent to all of the admins and supermods. Of course abuse is not black & white and there are many shades between light heartedness and outright being spiteful. If you're fine with being called an asshole then fine, if not, then contact a member of staff.

- Over the top abuse & insults without justification or provocation will lead to a warning, and subsequently a banning.

- Its totally fine to disagree with others as long as it is done respectfully and maturely.


- Your signature may be 1mb in total and no more than 550 pixels wide. Anything more than this is unfair to those still in the dark ages using dial up.

- If you are found to be using a signature outside of our guidelines - you will be sent a PM and the signature will be removed within 24 hours.

When in doubt... ask an admin. We're here to help, any questions are welcome.

Subject to change.

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